Invision Medi Science


Drills out Dry Hacking Cough

COMPOSITION: Each 5ml contains: Diphenydramine hydrochloride IP 14.08mg + Ammonium Chloride IP 138mg + Sodium citrate IP 57.03mg + Menthol IP 1.14mg


Drug class: Antihistamine

  • An antihistamine that suppresses the urge to cough and also dries secretions in the nose and chest.
  • Causes drowsiness which is helpful if the cough disturbs sleep.

Ammonium Chloride 

Drug class: Electrolyte

  • Increases respiratory secretions with less tenacious sputum which is easier to expectorate

Sodium Citrate

Drug class: Urinary alkalinizer

  • A mucolytic agent that breaks down mucus so that coughing up phlegm is easier.


Drug class: Counterirritant

  • Useful in throat irritation, sore throat or incisal congestion and gives cooling effect to the nasal passage.
  • Reduces irritation of pharynx and soothes throat.