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Sip-up and Slim-down, Stay Slim Stay Fit

COMPOSITION – Hydroxycitricacid (Garcinia combogia extract) 800mg + Green tea extract 250mg + Banaba extract62.5mg + Rasberry ketone 250mg+Green coffee been extract 250mg

Just Slim Powder is a distinctive approach to losing weight with a functional formula that may bring forth fruitful results. It is a nutritious protein powder enriched with Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, Green tea extract, and Banana extract with the advantage of Raspberry ketone.

Brimmed with top-notch ingredients that have exclusive significance regarding weight loss on scientific grounds. It may help improve the ability of those on a low-energy diet to maintain compliance.


Hydroxycitricacid (Garcinia Combogia Extract ) 800mg + Green Tea Extract 250mg + Banaba Extract 62.5mg +  Raspberry Ketone 250mg + Green Coffee Been Extract 250mg.

Garcinia Cambogia: 

  • Hydroxycitric acid of Garcinia Cambogia helps to enhance fat oxidation while reducing de novo lipogenesis (malign fat accumulation in the liver).
  • Promotes serotonin production in the brain, the happy hormone that suppresses appetite.1

Bean & banana extract: 

  • Banana has inulin, a soluble fiber that helps with cholesterol and glucose metabolism which slows down digestion and enhances satiety.
  • Bean is a rich source of insoluble dietary fiber, increases perceived satiety, and plays a significant role in appetite regulation.2

Raspberry ketone: 

  • Contains aromatic and phenolic compounds that raise the hormone Adiponectin which helps your body burn fat faster.3

Green tea & coffee extracts: 

  • Prolific sources of Caffeine and high levels of Chlorogenic Acids which support weight, BMI, and body fat reduction. 
  • Its consumption has shown significant weight losses than an energy-restricted diet alone.4