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  • ACTIPRAZ DXR Capsules

     Sustained Release for Sustained Relief in Hyperacidity  COMPOSITION: Esomeprazole Magnesium 40mg + Domperidone IP 20mg (SR) + Domperidone IP 10mg (IR)

  • ACTIPRAZ LXR Capsules

    For Larger than Expected Benefits COMPOSITION: Esomeprazole Magnesium Trihydrate IP Esomeprazole 40mg + Levosulpiride 75mg

  • ACTIPRAZ-40 Tablets / Injections

    Perfect Remedy for Active Ulcers COMPOSITION: Esomeprazole Magnesium 40mg 

  • COLIPAED Drops

    Babies Pain can Leave Mothers in Tears COMPOSITION: Alpha-Amylase 20mg + Papain 10mg+ Dill Oil 2mg + Anise Oil B.P. 2mg + Caraway Oil 2mg

  • COOLPEP-MPS Suspension

    Cool Down the Heat of Burning Ulcers COMPOSITION: Each 5ml contains Dried Aluminium Hydroxide IP 250mg + Magnesium Hydroxide IP 250mg + Activated Dimethicone IP 50mg

  • FENACE-650 Tablet

    Trusted Care from Tried & True Trustworthy Drug COMPOSITION:  Fenace-650: Paracetamol 650mg

  • ITOPEP-50 Tablets

    Quick Response in GERD COMPOSITION: Itopride HCl 50 mg

  • LAXACOOL Syrup

    Relieves Constipation & Accelerates Ammonia Elimination COMPOSITION: Lactulose 10mg / 15ml 20mg (S.R.)